January 19, 2018

What People Are Saying



“Jack Dusik has proven his dedication to the Commonwealth of Virginia and our Grand Old Party. His talent and drive will be a valuable asset to the YRNF as it grows into the preeminent youth group in American politics and I offer him my best wishes and full support of his candidacy for Secretary of the YRNF.”

– Pat Mullins, Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia

“Jack Dusik has been an aggressive advocate for the Republican Party and its principles not only in Illinois, but nation-wide. In 2010, Jack worked tirelessly to get Young Republicans engaged in the political process, and was a major contributor to my victory in Will County. Jack’s unyielding support of our party and his understanding of the role young people play as the foundation of its future make Jack ideally suited to serve the Young Republican National Federation.”

– Mark Kirk, United States Senator

“Jack Dusik has worked to advance the goals of the Republican Party and elect our candidates in Illinois for over a decade. Recently, Jack organized the grassroots in Chicago’s Southland for Senator Mark Kirk and Congressman Adam Kinzinger. The fact that he has provided stable leadership for our activists for so long serves to underscore his dedication to our party and our nation. This is why I wholeheartedly support Jack Dusik to be the next Secretary of the YRNF.”

– Pat Brady, Chairman, Illinois Republican Party

“I have known Jack Dusik for many years and have found him to be one of the most effective young Republican leaders I have worked with. During the 2010 elections, Jack played a key role in getting our voters to the polls in Will County and he organized a successful deployment of Young Republican volunteers who helped provide the boots on the ground for Republicans to win elections up and down the ballot. For these and many other reasons, I fully support Jack Dusik in his bid for Secretary of the YRNF.”

– Christine Radogno, Illinois Senate Republican Leader


“Jack Dusik has a proven record of success and dedication to the Republican Party throughout the Nation. His talent and drive are exactly what the YRNF needs to move to the next level as it seeks to become the dominant youth group in American politics. Jack’s value to the Commonwealth of Virginia and our Grand Old Party cannot be overstated….”

– Ed Gillespie, Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia 2006-2007

Jack’s dedication to the Republican Party throughout the Nation, and especially in Illinois cannot be overstated….

– Andy McKenna, Chairman, Illinois Republican Party 2005-2009