January 19, 2018

In the Field

Will County GOTV Director, Illinois Victory Committee – 2010
Coordinate GOTV activity in Will  County, IL with Brady for Governor, Kirk for Senate, and Kinzinger for Congress  campaigns.

Recruited volunteer teams to make  5,477 door knocks and 1,555 phone calls over a 5 day period; distribute 1,500 pieces of literature at train stations, distribute over 600 yard and 4X4 signs.  Led Election Day operations in Will County  “Fortress” precincts including poll watching and targeted voter turnout programs.

Campaign Chairman, Young Republican National Federation – 2010
Architect of YRNFs largest GOTV  operation in over 30 years, “Operation Regaining the Majority.”  Program deployed  over 500 volunteers to 12 states, (IL, OH, NC, NY, AL, CA, WI, FL, CT, NV, PA,  VA) making over 300,000 voter contacts to elect 21 Governor, Senate, and Representative candidates in addition to countless other state and local elected officials.

Loudon County Canvass Manager, McDonnell for Governor – 2009
Led Voter ID / Advocacy program in  the 4th fastest growing county in the United States.  Program was instrumental in flipping the  swing / battleground county from 52% Democrat performance in 2005 to 61% for Governor McDonnell.

GOTV Director, Kankakee County, Ozinga for Congress – 2008
Executed grassroots voter-contact  program achieving a combined count of over 17,000 door-knocks and phone-calls  over 3 weeks prior to Election Day.

Campaign Manager, Jerry Weller for Congress (IL-11) – 2006
Daily manager of $2 Million campaign achieving a 55% victory during 30 seat GOP loss of the House.  Campaign included extensive grassroots GOTV program supplemented by coalitions efforts and paid phone program.

Campaign plan included paid and earned media program; Full field program including 72-Hour / Election Day GOTV operations resulting in over 30,000 live contacts in 3 weeks; Voter ID programs resulting in over 20,000 unique ID’s; Paid phone programs with over 100,000 live calls; Grassroots / Coalitions programs with Right-to-Life, Farmers, Realtors, Unions; grassroots / in-house mail plan to over 20,000 voters.

Directed coordinated campaigns for State-wide candidates in addition to State Representative, County Treasurer, County Board Members, and Local GOP Units including; Scripting and targeting of radio ads; Creation of campaign literature; Development of Field / GOTV programs.

General Consultant, Decatur County Republican Party Committee, Indiana – 2006
Drafted Coordinated Field Program for County Party, Congressman Mike Pence, and State Representative Cleo Duncan in which Congressman Pence received 72.3% of the vote in  County, an increase of over 15%; Representative Duncan received 76% of the vote in county, an increase of over 20%.

Executive Director, REFORM PAC – 2004
Worked with Congressman Jerry Weller (IL-11) to develop contribution and political strategy for 2004 congressional elections; Liaison for Congressman and NRCC / congressional campaigns; Recruited and directed 20 person GOTV operation as part of Congressman Phil Crane (IL-08) election efforts.  

Chairman, GOPSTAFFPAC – 2004
Chairman and Co-Founder of grassroots PAC, raising over $10,000 in support of 10 Federal campaigns, in addition to funding 72-Hour Coordinator for Boustany for Congress run-off election.  Recruited 200 STOMP Volunteers for NRCC.

72-Hour Director, Alexandria Republican City Committee – 2003
Drafted and implemented ARCC GOTV program in coordination with RPV.  Included coalition building, targeted direct mail, volunteer phone banks, precinct walks, paid VIP GOTV phone call, and 72-Hour Victory program. Additionally, served as Finance Director for City Council candidate.

Northwest Regional Coordinator, Arkansas 2002 Victory Committee – 2002
Coordinated ground-breaking grassroots GOTV program in Sebastian County. Specifically; targeted identification of Republican voters, voter mobilization, mailings, and personal radio appearances. Coordinated for State Party, in conjunction with the Association of Builders and Contractors, largest one-day door-knock program in county history of approximately 8,000 households. Ran full Election Day / ballot integrity program.

Political Director, Shawn M. Hanley (R-IL) for State Representative – 2000
Oversaw daily operation of campaign activities including policy analysis, strategy, fund-raising, organization of special events, polling, and working with Chicago media outlets; instrumental in organizing grassroots effort for Mr. Hanley, who subsequently won primary election.

Assistant Field Coordinator; Tom Salvi (R-IL) for State Representative – 2000
Assisted in campaign activities during general election cycle; conducted canvassing, blitzing, and GOTV activities with grassroots coalitions.

RNC / NRCC Volunteer
Larry Deitrich, U.S. Congress (Special Election SD-AL) 2004 – Deployed Volunteer
Alice Forgy Kerr, U.S. Congress (Special Election KY-06) 2004 – Deployed Volunteer
Bush-Cheney’04 (New Hampshire Primary) 2003 – 72-Hour Marshall
Ernie Fletcher, Governor (Kentucky) 2003 – 72 Hour Team Captain

Other Volunteer Activity
2011: Judy Corwin (NY-26), Mark Amodei (NV-2), Bob Turner (NY-9)
2010: Robert Hurt (VA-5), Tim Burns (PA-12), Charles Djou (HI-1), Jerry Moran, KS-SEN)
2008: McCain for President (VA), Gilmore for Senate (VA), Bob Goodlatte (VA-6), Judy Biggert (IL-13), Mark Kirk (IL-10), Peter Roskam (IL-6)
2006: Thelma Drake (VA-2)
2005: Kilgore for Governor (VA)

Political Education
RNC Campaign Finance College, 2004
RNC Campaign Management College, 2003, 2005
RNC Managers and Marshals Program, 2002 (First in Class)
Leadership Institute Grassroots Activist School, 2002